Five Ways to Help Improve Your Company’s Employee Retention

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Help Improve Your Company’s Employee Retention

如果你正在经营一家企业,你知道高员工流动率会损害公司的利润. From recruitment and training, to organizational inefficiencies and negative customer experience, 更换一名全职员工的成本可能相当于他们工资的两倍.1

This is especially concerning, with worldwide events disrupting just about every area of the business sector. 幸运的是, 虽然, by looking carefully at your operations and making some calculated changes, you can greatly improve your chances of retaining your top talent.



According to re搜索 conducted by Quantum Workplace, of 32,000 individuals surveyed, 66% of employees say their culture positively impacts their work and behavior.2

What “positive culture” means can vary, but factors like cooperation, 安全, 股本, 尊重, and accountability are essential for the morale and motivation of any team.

If you sense that your culture could use improvement, survey your staff about their concerns and work to address them promptly. 在那之后, begin to explore your company’s values. Do you consider employee empowerment a top priority? Perhaps you see flexibility and a relaxed atmosphere as motivators. Or maybe you want family and work-life balance at the forefront.

Once you establish your values, communicate them to your team, then reinforce them through your branding, 内部消息, 员工评估, 会议纪要, and major business decisions.

Be an Active Listener

According to the 人力资源学院, 92% of highly engaged employees feel heard at their workplace compared to 30% of highly disengaged employees. 3

By creating a culture where employees feel heard, 你可以给你的团队一种控制感,从而提高忠诚度和参与度. 这样做还可以让你接触到公司各个领域员工的独特观点.

The key is open communication.

If you don’t have one already, 实行门户开放政策,让员工可以自在地与同事和管理层交谈, no matter what their title. 在那之后, 与员工进行持续的个人检查,并为定期的团队会议腾出时间.


当然, you must learn to accept constructive criticism, address concerns promptly and fairly, 经常跟进你的员工,了解他们对你所做的改变的看法.

Recognize Your Team’s Value

When your employees feel appreciated, typically productivity is boosted, teamwork is increased, and engagement is enhanced. 然而,当员工感到不被赏识时,对流动率的影响可能会很严重. 事实上, according to recent re搜索 by management consulting firm McKinsey, not feeling valued is a key factor in employees choosing to leave their jobs.4

There are countless ways to help make your team feel valued. Pass on positive internal or customer feedback. Thank them with a personalized hand-written note. 你甚至可以奖励特定的员工,并在必要时奖励他们的成就.


Allow for Advancement


If your company has room for advancement, 在公司内部发布职位空缺,确保员工了解自己的晋升选择.


如果你的公司没有晋升的机会,事情就会变得更有挑战性. In this case, the solution may be to expand your definition of advancement.


一个例子可能是提供更令人满意的特殊项目,如指导他人或领导社区外展计划. 像这样做有意义的工作可以帮助你的员工感到奖励和投入.



By implementing the tips already shared, 你可能正走在提高员工满意度和减少员工流动率的路上. 不过,还有一个因素可能会影响你留住员工的努力——福利.


除了标准的退休计划和健康保险之外, there are many other benefits you might consider. 奖金, 佣金, 股票期权, 灵活的时间表, and remote/hybrid work opportunities are a few examples.

提供学费补助和职业发展计划是留住员工并保持他们敬业的另一个选择. 特别是,如前所述,如果目前没有正式晋升的途径.

通过在你的福利中增加学费补助,你可以让你的团队从自掏腰包的学费中解脱出来——对一些员工来说,这是一个太好了的福利. 更重要的是, 参加学费报销计划的员工中,76%的人表示,由于这项福利,他们更有可能留在现在的公司.6


科罗拉多技术大学为忙碌的成年人提供灵活的在线和移动课程和巴黎人澳门赌场在哪. 和CTU的 承诺给予, in addition to your company’s qualified tuition assistance program, up to 100% of eligible employees’ tuition may be covered.**


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*承诺奖助金可以在申请联盟成员的员工学费资助后,支付完成CTU学位的剩余费用. If students elect to take out federal loans, they are no longer eligible for the 承诺给予, and thus not eligible for the debt-free education option.

**大学助学金或奖学金基于大学目录中公布的既定标准,并在确认符合资格条件后颁发. 学生 receiving a grant or scholarship, including the 承诺给予, must continue to meet the eligibility requirements for the program. For terms and conditions of the 承诺给予 资格可能会根据你公司的学费援助政策和你的课程选择而有所不同.

CTU cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement. 并不是所有的项目都适用于所有州和某些国家的居民. REQ1966856 1/2024

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